wat u vill do 2 save ur relationship vd ur lover if ur lover starts loving other

December 6, 2009 9:29am CST
if u came 2 knw dat ur lover has started loving other den vat u vill do 2 save ur relationship..?? whether u vill remain same thinking dat ur lover is happy vd dis or u vill regain ur love..???
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@gerry101 (230)
• Philippines
23 Dec 09
First of all I will talk to my lover and I will ask him where I went wrong or lack in our relationship. I will also ask him if he still loves me and willing to fix our relationship. If he does not want to fix it, I will let him go. If he wants to fix it I will do everything to change or adjust myself for him.
@aguas_aj (501)
• Philippines
9 Dec 09
You have a very difficult situation actually, If the person you love so dearly has already found someone else to love then you have to move on and let him go. But you can atleast ask him and talk to him if there is any chance you can fix it together. if by any chance yes, and just want you to change in several aspect then take the chance but if he says there's nothing more then let him go. If he's meant for you, he will come back
@clararox (17)
• India
6 Dec 09
i think if ur luv is true den it wl definitely come bck 2 u....