Will the Tiger Woods story also be forgotten and forgiven like Bill Clinton's?

@Emvy548 (387)
December 7, 2009 2:12am CST
Tiger Woods, successful golfer and billionaire until yesterday was the chosen hero for millions of fans. With his flings becoming public, his true colors of a fancy free seducer of women, has come to light. In addition to letting down his family he has also damaged the publicity campaigns of his sponsors who used to shower millions of dollars on him. Bill Clinton, during his rule as President of the United States, was also guilty of the same kind of behaviour while in office. They say public memory is short - Bill Clinton's behavior was soon forgotten. Do you think Tiger Woods will regain his fan following and sponsorships after people forget about what he did?
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7 Dec 09
What Tiger Woods has done is a family matter and how he comes out of this will all depend on how his wife responds. If his wife will forgive him and move forward with their life then so should the public. This was the case with Bill Clinton, so therefore the issues were quickly forgotten. As for his sponsor, Tiger Woods will probably loose a few of them but I don't think everyone will jump ship. It is up to Tiger to do damage control and make a public apology to not only his wife but also his sponsors admitting his indecression may have tarnished thier image. Tiger should seek help as it will be necessary to put his life back together at this point.
@cbeee3 (2061)
• India
10 Dec 09
I agree with you on this. It is indeed a family matter. No matter how sad or sick it is, it should be left between him and his wife. I think the media just wants to make money and makes a mess of many things. There are so many more important global issues, why doesn't the media focus more on that. Just money making tactics. I too believe that with time , it may get better for Woods. He certainly needs help.
23 Dec 09
After a few weeks there will be a new story in one of those celbrity magazines and every one will forget the story.Except from in comedy news quizzes where he might be mentioned.given enough time and he will be forgiven by his fans.
@sid556 (30960)
• United States
12 Dec 09
y es I do. His real fans are mainly fans of the sport and do not look up to him jus because he is painted by his campain managers as larger than life. Sure, people believe that he is all that and get an image of himmmmm as a certain type of person based on what they hear. Still, this discretion while it is a surprice is not going to take away from the fact that he is a skilled golfer. Same thing with Clinton...it only distracted us lal enogh to take our minds off the rest of the world and cost lots of take dollars to pay for the legal costs. Tiger woods is in an een lesser position. If his fans didn't
@hotsummer (13835)
• Philippines
7 Dec 09
this think should be forgotten and and tiger woods forgiven as well. every one needs to be forgiving. every needs a second chance in life.