How do you react when the music of your neighbbor is so loud especiallyat night?

December 7, 2009 9:27am CST
I love listening to music but not to those rock, metallic, and rap.Maybe I could tolerate during the day in a short time just to respect my neighbor, but during the night, I think I can't really tolerate it especially when it is so loud.It would be alright if once but what if, almost every weekend?It really destructs me in my writing and especially when I am sleeping.If you would be in my situation, how do you handle it?
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@dana820 (277)
• Philippines
9 Dec 09
Bear with it? Seriously, I could go over and ask them to turn the volume down but I don't think I would. Shoulda', woulda', coulda', and all. We have suffered noisy neighbors at night but it's only been a few times and when we have been the ones causing a ruckus, they don't complain. We're lucky that we get along well with our neighbors, I guess. In your case, on the other hand, I suggest you talk to them and point it out. If it's interfering with your work and sleep, it's important. Hopefully, your neighbors will understand. :)
@saizo6 (2208)
• United States
7 Dec 09
Luckily, I don't have to deal with loud music from my neighbors. However, if they were blasting their music too loud at night I'd probably go over and nicely ask them to tone it down since people need to sleep. If they continue though I'd probably end up calling my landlord and letting him deal with it. At least that's what I did when the neighbor's kids would make a lot of nose with their friends late at night. So, I didn't have to deal with nosy music but noisy teenagers.
@kokila19 (102)
• Kuwait
7 Dec 09
yeah, if its occasionally means we can adjust, otherwise we can directly go and tell them. My neighborhoods are good. I have not come to this situation.
@Janey1966 (24135)
• Carlisle, England
7 Dec 09
Hi! Noisy neighbours are a pain aren't they? We have experienced them but - luckily - we have quieter neighbours now. How did I deal with the noisy ones? Well, firstly I would go round (usually in the middle of the night when it was happening) and ring the doorbell. That did not work so then I would resort to banging my fists on the front door. Then shouting through the letter-box. The music was that loud that they never heard me. After that, I'm afraid I rang the Police and hey, presto! the music stopped when a policeman knocked on the door! The thing that really annoyed me was this woman woke her baby up with all the noise. I'm glad she has moved away although I cannot see her behaviour improving. Whatever you choose to do, I hope you sort the neighbour out. Good luck!
@Acognt (11)
• Vietnam
7 Dec 09
Hi Bren I do agree with U because the unexpected noise in night really irritates me and it distracts me from learning Fortunately, my neighbors are quite easy and we have a good relationshop so I can easily ask them to turn down the noise. In your case I think that U should have some say with your neighbor. However, it depends on your ability to persuade your neighbor. If he is a hard to please person U can ask for help from other people living around their because I believe that they are also annoyed by the noise. Otherwise the only way is to find a good headphone or obstract all the doors LOL