Why Nuclear Weapons?

December 7, 2009 7:58pm CST
Friends don't you think its now high time that we stop weaponization of nuclear fuel to produce nuclear weapons? I mean what good is it for a country to now test a nuclear bomb when it knows it cannot drop it on other country? And do you think world war 3 will happen? I was just surprised to see the list of top military spending countries that their budget for defense is just keeps on increasing every year with America toping the list with 1.2 trillion dollars thats almost as much as rest of the whole world's defense spending combined and over 9 times the defense budget of china, and did you know u.s.a spends over 45% of its tax payers money on military.This is something I am worried about,Where actually are we heading? What do you think will happen? Will the world be a safer place to live? we urgently need to think about this..What do you say friends?
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• Estonia
3 Jan 10
As much as I know, the worlds nuclear superpowers, USA & Russia are working on reducing nuclear arsenal. I don't think that new nuclear bombs or warheads are being produced in these countries. Maybe the old rockets and bombs are being upgraded, but overall number of them is being reduced. Another country that possesses nuclear weapons is China. It's hard to say whether they keep creating new warheads or not.
• India
4 Jan 10
Ya I know but what about north korea, and japan? aren't they isolated from like outside world, no one knows what north korea is planning with its nuclear program..this is what worries me.
• Estonia
5 Jan 10
Yea, North Korea is a serious threat. All that government of this country wants to do, is to show the world that they are tough guys and to destroy South Korea and join it under flag of North Korea. I think, that if North Korea will attempt to attack one or another country, they will be stopped by other countries. The problem is will North Korea be stopped in time or when it already will be too late.
• India
3 Sep 10