Life you desired...

December 7, 2009 11:29pm CST
I always heard someone said that life is hard all around. One day one of my friends said to me that she can't see any bright future, life's sad... I think if you pay attension, you'll find some beautiful things around you, like a blue and clear sky, yummy dinner, a bright smile from a stranger and so on. My ideal life is have a stable job and enough incomes, live with my lover, maybe have a pet as well. Make some travles with friends on holidays, just enjoy my life. And I think life is much more important than works. We just work for a better life, not for work itself lol. And my friends, what kind of life do you desire?
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@zed_k4 (17624)
• Singapore
9 Dec 09
Someone once told me that life will always correct itself, no matter how short or long the time is. I think he might be right after all. That was perhaps one of the most wisdom phrase I've ever heard and I still think it has a special meaning. I also believe that some things are better left unsaid and also at certain times, ignorance is definitely bliss.
@happy2512 (1266)
• Philippines
8 Dec 09
Hello! I always wish that I can have a better state of living so that I can enjoy my life as well. I always desire to spend time on vacation with my family & sometimes with friends somewhere but I was not able to do that becuase I am busy to make both ends met in order to provide for the needs of my family & my mother. I pity my self sometimes that I am too stress always with work & not have time to play at all. Maybe someday if my plans work out I can fullfil what I desire most in my life.
• Philippines
8 Dec 09
Hi there chriszh22, that's definitely what life is. We just work for a better life, not work and work for itself. Anyway, for me, the life that I desired is a life that is not too extravagant nor too simple... I want it in the middle, just a balance life. A stable job with better income, a house that you can called home, a family that is always around you, a pet - coz I am a pet lover, someone whom you want to spend the rest of your life,friends that are real and true, enough savings for me to travel to different places and different country, a lot of blessing that I could give and share to my brothers and sisters especially to those in need, and above all these things a life with our Almighty God. I want to run my life in a way that I could glorify His Holy Name. God bless.
• Philippines
8 Dec 09
well, we can all say that life is not that easy and you really need to work hard if you need some better life ahead of you. it doesnt matter of what you are or what you have right now what matter is be contented and be happy. think that we are more lucky than those who doesnt have room to sleep, clothes to wear, foods to eat specially those whose suffering with illness and only have few days left to live. For me, its enough if i have stable job, my own house and not renting, a happy life with my family, a loving husband and sweet kids, and yet healthy. that's all i can ask for. though if i have millions someday then thats only an extra rewards. lol