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@bdugas (3580)
United States
December 8, 2009 7:20am CST
Could someone tell me what would make a grown woman, sit in a game room lobby all day to watch the conversation among the people and take screen shots of what is said and them twist and change what she screen shot and post it on another site. Which when done causes fights with her, name calling and hatred for what she does. She takes kids pics from your Facebook if she can get you to add her as friends, post them on this site she has and gives them to this idiot in the lobby, then when you are playing you see her type things like so and so's child is a retard. Or if you mention you have something her's is always bigger or better. The people in the lobby hate this woman, I believe it is for attention, either she don't get any at home or she has no friends although to hear her tell it she has so many. Is a person's life so bad that this is the only way that she can get someone to respond to her. When I enter the lobby to play, everyone speaks to me, says huggggggs. When she comes in no one speaks to her, and before long you see this horrible thing typed in the chat about you or you child. My hubby was in the hospital last year around Christmas, she actually googled all the hospitals in the area where she thought we lived and ask if he was there. By the way shw had the wrong name. For what reason, is this because she is nosey, for what purpose would it be for her to have found him. Is a person's life so boring that they have to do such things. Have you ever ran across this type of person on the internet where you play games. We are told to iggy this person, she goes out makes a new name comes right back in. So what would you do in this case, she made me so mad yesterday that my head hurt to a point that I could not play and had to go to bed. Is that what she gets out of all this, is to iratate you to the point you have to leave. What does that say about her life. Anyone any ideas?
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@cyrus123 (6364)
• United States
10 Dec 09
I don't know what to say about this type of person. She must not have much of a life to want to do this. I don't hate her, though. I just don't like the way she does. I'm glad you told us about this person. I'll be sure and not add her as a friend on facebook. It might be hard if she keeps coming back and changing her name all the time. Kathy.
@laglen (19778)
• United States
8 Dec 09
Holy crap! That she needs help and to lose her internet privileges. This is why I do not accept friend request on face book of people I do not personally know! I also do not use my real name. People are freaks!