No... means "no"; yes... mean "yes"

December 8, 2009 8:58am CST
I often hear people said that if female say no its mean yes and vice versa. Sometimes I think it's true. However, it's not just the condition of female, even male is the same. For example, my friends, who's guy (of course), get stuck in his a difficult question. If he want a help, I can help. Let's see! He said that he's ok and don't need my help. I think he want my help but he cannot said it because I'm a girl. Somehow I think that is his manliness. lol I myself often said oppositely with my thoughts especially with my feelings. If I like someone, I will said that I'm not. I afraid someone will laugh on me because of the truths. I know that's childish but cannot fix it yet. The problem that people believe in what I said. I must learn to tell the truth. But... how?
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