global warming issue

December 8, 2009 2:38pm CST
So not only politial efforts are going on climate changing due to global warming, hollywood also taking part for awarnes Eg. movie 2012 (bit truth ), but young youth has to be disucc on this serius issue, yet has find a solution and to contribution from our side can be well hope full.
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@xfahctor (14126)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
8 Dec 09
the problem is there IS no serious dicussion. Serious dicusion has multiple sides. Anyone outside the cult of man made global warming is shut out of the debate, equated to hollucost deniers, insulted, called eco terrorists and such. Science that points to anything other than man made causes is swept under the rug, dismissed, hidden and d3eliberately burried. The truth is we don't totlay understand the forces that drive our climate. they are not only complex and intricate, they are incredibly massive and far beyond anything us puny humans have any control over. We might as well try to control the orbits of the planets. As to 2012, it's nonsense I assure you. there is no credible science to any of the disaster scenarios being pushed about 2012 and the mayans did not predict any disaster for that year. Ask any Mayan alive today (yes, there are still plenty of mayans alive today), it's total nonsense. If you like I have a whole buch of things I can post here to back up the foolishness of the 2012 hype.