Nothing is worse than having to find a new job during holidays.

December 8, 2009 3:46pm CST
My work decided they wanted to give me 1 shift a week despite me being full-time. So I'm quitting and complaining to the labour board. Now I need to find another job because I can't afford to live anymore. 150 dollar cheques every two weeks just isn't going to cut it. So now I'm at an end where I have no idea what to do. I don't make enough money online to live off of, nor do I know any way at all TO make money offline besides MyLot and a few other sites. But they just don't do it for me. I'm going crazy and I need to rant.
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@ronnyb (6117)
• Jamaica
8 Dec 09
Wow I understand the way you feel but I dont think you should have quit without having any job to go to especially in these times when everywhere is in a recession and its a holiday,its going to be so much harder.I think you should ahve held on to the one week shift and try to find atleast another part time stint .Maybe these two part time stints would have provided you with more than you make at the full time job or at least tide you over until things return to normalcy .I hope though that things work out great for you
• Canada
9 Dec 09
Naw. I mean I have a roof over my head and food and all that. It's just that I have a couple bills to pay and it's going to be hard to come up with the money. My Christmas shopping is done. I've got things over-paid so I'm okay for a little bit. It just sucks. i'll find something for sure. It's just gonna be hard.
@Iriene88 (5345)
• Malaysia
9 Dec 09
Dear katisaurus, Having to look for a job during this holiday seasons The only fast way is if you can get a promotional job. In Malaysia, young college girls normally managed to secure some jobs at the exhibition, roadshows, product launching etc. It do pays well something like RM100-RM200 per day. (USD1 = RM3.4) Some even join product surveys (focus group) that pays around RM150 to RM300 per survey. It is quite good money and fast. However, at the meantime try to look for a permanent job that can secure fixed income. All the best and hope you get a good new job soon :) Pray...
@Downwindz (2535)
• Netherlands
8 Dec 09
That is simply not fairly done by your company, if you have a full-time contract they can ofcause tell you to work less, but they should be obligated to pay your full-time salary, atleast that is the rules in most Western European countries...
8 Dec 09
not realy my friend. never look from one side... look from another side too. :)