is being obesity means end of the world for them or have no right to be happy?

December 9, 2009 9:06am CST
hola mylotters.. im bunnygurl from philippines. honestly i consider myself as an obese girl. my current pound is 300plus. i did alot of diet and exercise but nothing happens. my feeling is that end of the world for me. i usually atay in our house with my friends. i dont have work. i dont go to school either. the reason why im obese because before way back years i was diagnosed i have brain tumor. my tumor secrits growth hormone. my life is miserable. lonely inside and out. i dont have love ones. my family hates me. my circle of friends is limited . i dont have loved ones. im hoping when year 2010 enter our world i hope i will be happy inside and out and ready to face the challenges that i will face. mylotters what is being obese for you? happy lotting..
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• Philippines
9 Dec 09
Hi there my friend, I am sorry for your story but what makes you think that your family hates you?... it was a little surprised for me that a family will hate one of its members. Maybe they don't hate you at all. Anyway, my dear friend don't give up on life, there is more to life. Live, laugh, and love. Always pray that God will heal your heart and sickness. God is the best healer, just trust Him with all your heart. God loves you dearly, He is just a prayer away waiting for you to call Him and seek for His help. Don't worry for anything else instead set your mind on things above, you'll see how great is our God if you allow Him to work in your life. Even though we are miles away but my prayers for you are the greatest help that I can give. Don't worry about your looks, everyone is beautiful and equal in the eyes of Our Almighty Father. May God bless you and gives you the desire of your heart. I also pray for your healing my friend.