The most favourite stuffs on the beach

@icecubic (1848)
December 9, 2009 4:53pm CST
I like the wave sounds and the fresh air. These often makes me fell relax. I go to the beach for relaxing my day and having fun. I often fell asleep while lying on the sands there. What is your favorite stuffs there?
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@elokps (138)
• Indonesia
11 Dec 09
I also like beach but too bad in my city there is no beautiful beach so I will go to another place to find beach for relax. When on beach I like to lie down or sit on sand enjoy the scenery,wave and other people's activities.I also enjoying sunset time on beach. For water sport I like snorkeling. I'm so happy when seeing beautiful coral and fishes under water.
@vinslounge (1297)
• India
10 Dec 09
My place of stay is some 10 minutes away from the beach and I really enjoy every moment in the beach. I really cant forget the days where i played the game of cricket along with my friends in the beach and the food stuffs we enjoy after cricket, all of them are simply amazing and mnd blowing,. Now I have been shifted to a far off place from beach and I really miss them all. Thanks for reminding me and have a great day. Happy Mylotting. Cheers:-)
@MimiRemo (420)
• Philippines
10 Dec 09
I love going to the beach. I walk by the shore or sit by it with some refreshments and feel the fresh air. Sometimes, I and my friends stay at the beach for the night with booze and food. It's pleasantly peaceful under the moon.
@cher913 (25859)
• Canada
9 Dec 09
i really like going to the beach during the summer and i love the surf and the sun and hunting for beach glass in the sand as we walk along the beach. my daughter loves to make sand castles and i like to take pictures.