Do you confide every details to a friend?

@DenverLC (1146)
December 9, 2009 6:43pm CST
Will you still reserve something just for you or you are open to tell everything to a friend regardless of whatever it is?
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@arystine (1275)
• Philippines
10 Dec 09
For me, it depends on the attitude of the friend you are confiding with. I have some trusted friends to whom I completely tell everything, every detail, whether problems or personal life. There are also friends to whom I confide but not detailed, sometimes even vague. Because it's either I don't trust that person or I don't know that person well enough to share a story about myself. It's not bad to confide in details if you are confident that the person will not spread your secret and violate your trust.
@chriszh22 (433)
• China
10 Dec 09
As a true friend, I might tell my friend what I think improperate, speak out my feelings or suggestions as I care about my friends. If my friend won't accept, it's ok, at least I did what I should do, and it's free for the friend to choose.
• Philippines
10 Dec 09
hi... For me, i don't confide every details to my friend. I make it a point to reserved somethings for myself. It is not that i don't trust my friend but sometimes there are matters that you don't have to tell and maybe you yourself can resolved it... friends are there to give you advises but the last decisions is done by yourself....