Is anyone reading the "Marked" series by PC Cast & Kristin Cast?

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December 9, 2009 9:51pm CST
There are currently 5 books in the series and there will be a 6th. This follows the interest of the new vampyre craze brought on by Twilight. I loves the Twilight series and also love this series.
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31 Jan 11
I love the house of night series. Right now i'm on the burned book. I also have the fledging handbook. Everytime they talk about history i go look it up in it. I have not read the twighlight series because i find once you watch the movies first it ruines the books for me. Does anybody feel this way too?
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1 Mar 11
Actually, I like to read the books after I have seen the movies. Even more visualization as far as the characters go. Plus, there's always so much more to the books. The way my husband hates it is if I have read the book before seeing the movie,lol! I really do TRY not to say things like " the book, they did it this way." or that there was more to the plot in the book!!
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9 Jan 11
Seeing this discussion just reminded me that the newest book was released at the beginning of January! Guess it's time to hit the library, lol! I picked up 'Marked' on a whim and was hooked from then on. It has a totally different feel to it than the Twilight series, kind of a Wiccan/Earth Goddess theme more than just vamps. Overall, though, really a fun storyline! And, I too agree that although they are aimed at teens, maybe not so much for the younger ones!