Is Flight Safe?

United States
December 9, 2009 11:29pm CST
Recently, I read a interesting fiction. It's about a story of an airplane incident. A plane built by a big company encountered a severe disturbance. serval people died and a few tens injured. It started a few hours before it reached its destination. The passangers included a American familey that moved from China to their hometown. A father, a mother and their young daughter. The mother always kept alert about their safty, while the father just was absent-minded and had slept all through the night of their travel. Suddenly, the mother heard some abnormal noises and the planed started to dive deeply down and the abruptly lifed. Then all the people in the plane were a mess. Pilots gave commands loudly. Passangers sreamed. Some fallen down and slided along the ailse during the wield titled angle of the plane. Stuff like shoes, bags flied in the air and hit people's head. Many people lost their control beacause they were not under the safty belt, and there was not any warning of this incident, either. The father, at that time was playing a vedio camera with their daughter. He was gone during the incident and the camera fallen down to some where. This vedio, later became a important evidence that helped the company find what was wrong about the plane. It feel like horible. Fortunetely, it just is a fiction and not our real life.
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