Gambling Games

December 10, 2009 9:38am CST
Do you ever played gambling games ? I have some friends who since last week are using to play gambling games , slots and cards and similiar games , and since then they are still losing money after money . I will never play such games who depends just on luck or depends on a machine . I only play poker on money because I think i know to play very well , and I'm playing it with other mans . Do you ever played gambling games that depends on luck or a coin flip ?
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• United States
12 Dec 09
I've heard that it depends on the luck of the person. Say, if that person is in a very good mood and in a good place in life then he/she will win money. That's what I heard. From experience, my mother has a gambling problem and lost a lot of money and I see how horrible it is to get addicted so I probably would stay away from those games.
• United States
10 Dec 09
Yes, I have played the slot machines a few times but I give myself a set amount of money that I am willing to lose. Once that money is gone then my time to play is up. It sounds as if your friend may have a gambling addiction. You need to step in and say something now or he could lose all of his savings. I have heard of cases where people with gambling addiction have lost everything they own; their homes, their savings and their spouse.