Are there really aliens?

December 11, 2009 1:53am CST
I want to know the truth. Who among you guys have seen an alien or ufos? I never saw one in my entire life.
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• Malaysia
11 Dec 09
I belief UFOs and aliens do exist. The universe is so big, its absurb for us to think that only earth has living organisms.
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@robertx (150)
• Romania
22 Jan 10
I think if aliens came here for something, it would be for some mineral wich they don't have. I also believe everyone would know about it, because if they need it they won't come here asking for it nicely, not after such long and costly space trip... So you guys be at ease, there are no aliens among us. Except some people, lmao.
• United States
17 Jan 10
I've never seen one. Nor have I ever seen a picture or video of one that looked really real. I think that aliens, scientifically speaking, are a real possibilities.
• Philippines
27 Dec 09
if scientists can't really answer that question,then I can't either.I am not closing my thoughts either,that we are alone in this big universe.there might be other life forms in another planet in a another galaxy.someday,we can learn the answer to that question.if our technology permits maybe we can explore other planets and see other living creatures that might be living in other planets.
• United States
18 Dec 09
Actually I do believe in UFO's,and have seen one. A few years back during a thunderstorm, I saw something huge in the sky. The lightening flashed and it was just above me, then when the lightening flashed again, it was about 500 feet in the other direction. Then it just disappeared. My sister in law also saw the same object several miles away. So I know it wasn't just my imagination.
@Boyetski (989)
• Philippines
11 Dec 09
Hi roger I will want to believe so. Even though I believe in the creation based on the bible. I also am intrigued on how we came from evolution of cells. As the galaxy is too far and too wide for just us to live in. Yes I beliee there is some sort of life out there.