Do you give your 101% when it comes to your Relationship?

@seeths (413)
December 11, 2009 8:59am CST
Hi, This is something which I have in my mind on whether we really commit ourselves to our partners.There are sometimes where we would like to our own things that we like and we wouldn't like anyone to get involved.So does that mean that you are not committed? Regards Seetha
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@simonelee (2716)
• China
12 Dec 09
Hi,Seeth. I don't usually give a hundred percent in loving the person. I don't usually do it with my previous relationships so when we broke up its less pain and I'm fine with it. Actually, I haven't experienced love from them or loving them that much, maybe i am too numb at that time and selfish. I don't usually invest my feelings if i can sense that the relationship won't last long and not being sure that that person is the right one i will going to marry. Now, I can say that i am giving my best in my current partner, it may not be a hundred percent but all the love i have right now i offer to my partner. Happy loving.
@leateagee (3667)
• China
11 Dec 09
I cannot answer you in percentage, but for all I know he is my world and I could feel I am his world. I give some percent to love myself. If I have that I am able to able him more. We give space for each other to grow and miss each other. We promised ourselves to always be in love no matter how difficult things would be. There must be total commitment, submission and trust.
@dpk262006 (58650)
• Delhi, India
11 Dec 09
Hi seeths! You see while staying with a life partner, I feel that commitment should be absolute and total. If you are not committed to your partner, life can not run smoothly and without hitches. In fact both of the partners should have same sense of commitment towards each other. In my case, I am fully committed to my partner and she is the most important to me in my life.
@aerous (13434)
• Philippines
11 Dec 09
I think there is a problem in that particular relationship and does not cover an in dept commitment to love your partner. But if I am going to a relationship that is married settlement I'm sure that I give the full of my heart and be committed to it the whole...
@Drsunny21 (556)
• India
11 Dec 09
Hi I give 200% to my relatnship.....Hmm The thing ur telling it depends on the situation and i think tht it relatn if there is full trust on each other then there is no things to hide and if u want something to do by yourself then you should tell ur partner tht this is thing tht i would like to do this thing by myself only...Then it doesnt rise the question of commitement....