Ryan is full of it again.

@stealthy (8188)
United States
December 11, 2009 5:49pm CST
He accuses Adam of wanting Annie at the expense of his children, but Ryan was even worse. Ryan left Emma at the Chandler Mansion so he could to run to the hospital to be with Kendall, then when he knew that Zach and Kendall were heading to the Mansion to kill Adam, did he go there to get Emma out or to make sure she was safe? No, he went there to protect Kendall and never gave a thought to the fact that Emma could be in danger with people running around intent on murder. So he placed wanting Kendall much more at the expense of his daughter than Adam ever did wanting Annie.
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@happy6162 (3009)
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15 Dec 09
Annie is only thinking of number one and that is Annie. She has always only thought of herself no matter how she has tried to spin it in the end she is always saying me me me. She uses people to get what she wants and she told Adams that is what it was in the beginning but she supposely fell in love with him I think it is a lie she still needs him and his money to be free and would say anything to make sure she does not go to jail. And of course it is all Ryan fault because he was still in love with Greenlee.
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12 Dec 09
I am so fed up with Ryan at this point. I don't care for him and Erica being together at all. Your right about him being full of it. He should not want any part of her mother. Erica should be shot for her role she is playing. They need to stop it and now.