Use of "a mi" in a spanish sentence. Please help!

United Arab Emirates
December 12, 2009 6:32am CST
Today, my daughter, who is taking spanish in school came up to me and asked about the use of 'a mi' in a spanish sentence. I don't know a word of spanish so please help me! She wants to know when you put 'a mi' in front of me gusta or me no gusta and a bunch of other stuff like that...please help any good spanish speakers out there
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• Argentina
31 Dec 09
Hi, spanish is my first lenguage so I realy can help you with that; 'a mi' basically means 'to me'(a:to;mi:me), so then 'me gusta' means I like, (me(only when its in front of gusta):I), 'gusta' from the verb 'gustar' means 'like'. To said that you like something in spanish you have to said it different from english, in english you said: I like drinking tea. Then you first say 'a mi' to introduce yourself and before indicate what thing you like you said 'me gusta' and before that you should writte the thing you like, like runing (correr), or heating (comer). And then you writte: -a mi me gusta correr (I like runing, or I like to run) -a mi me gusta comer (I like eating, or I like to eat) And when you put a 'no me gusta' instead of 'me gusta' you are indicating that you don't like that thing. then when you writte: -a mi no me gusta correr (I don't like runing) -a mi no me gusta comer (I don't like eating)
• Singapore
17 Mar 10
It should be "a mí" (with an accent on the letter i). It basically means "to me". So, is it "a mí me gusta" or "me gusta a mí"? Both are correct though the former tends to be more emphatic. The negative form would be "a mí no me gusta" or "no me gusta a mí" Hope the above helps. You may want to get some helpful resources for learning. Visit Download a free dictionary there too!