I had 2 lucid dreams last night

@Bionicman (3962)
Czech Republic
December 12, 2009 9:28am CST
It's been a while since I had experienced lucid dream (last time on summer) so I'm happy I had a two in a row last night. I can remember every detail of it. Even tho I like lucid dreams, I usually freak out when I notice it's a dream and try to wake up because I'm afraid my subconsciousness will materialize some twisted creepy things (and it usually does). So I tried to wake up and I did. I went to the bathroom, used a toilet, brushed my teeth and then I noticed some thing aren't right. Like light switch is one different place. Yep, false awakening. You know how people say pinch me so I know I'm not dreaming? Well I punched myself in the stomach and it felt like it was real. I remembered last time I experienced false awakening 4 times in a row so I decided I'll rather go with it. I tried to open the bathroom door but the key was jammed and then lights went off. I managed to get hold of myself, I found the switch and managed to open the door. Then I walked through my house fully aware that it's a dream and just keep noticing things that are wrong. Nothing scary happened and I woke up on my own. Lucid dreams never last long. You know how you see black and violet blurred moving shapes when you open your eyes? The one I saw was pretty weird. It was in a shape of a big spider and it climbed up the wall with each legs moving as it was a real spider. At first I thought it could be real but when I closed my eyes and open them again, the "spider" started moving from the same starting spot. I'm sure I wasn't dreaming but I was probably in half awaken state which would be little weird since I moved my head a lot and still had this hallucination. But I'm sure it wasn't a dreaming. Every time I open and closed my eyes, the spider was less and less visible and it fade out completely after some time. After half an hour I fell asleep and I had another lucid dream. This time it was X-rated and it was awesome. Every single touch felt completely real hehe. I think I got better at controlling my dreams Have you ever experienced lucid dreams? How often? Do you like having them? Are you good at controlling them or you're more of a viewer?
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