US$ 1Million cash prize

@anuramn (240)
December 13, 2009 10:30am CST
These days, you can see so many game shows on the TV. Take for instance, you get US$ 1 Million cash prize, what will you do? For me, it is definitely huge money and I really don't know what I'll do. Just curious about how people would like to spend if they get lots of money.
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@neelimaravi (1793)
• India
14 Dec 09
hi anu, if i got US$ 1 million, i just buy one new house and a car and remain money i put it to the fixed deposit for the name of my kids and it will help for their future. thankyou. have a nice day.
• India
14 Dec 09
All are saying that "I will do this & that on earning prize" will anyone tell me what's the show is all about, Hey, Want to clear one thing, I am not a u.s resident hope to become in near future(nearly 2-4 years).
@borg246 (539)
• Malta
13 Dec 09
I think I would first retire from my current job, then I would invest the money in banks, and when I've accumilated enough money after about five years, I would start a business. By doing this, you have a continues stream of cash coming into your hands, which can make your life easier and also possibly your childrens' lives too. The thing with spending the money there and then, without controlling yourself can end you up wasting it on rubbish and before you know it, you would have spent it all and did nothing to benefit yourself or your family.
• United States
13 Dec 09
if I won 1 million cash prize, I would probably buy a nice house. The rest I would invest in gold because gold is crazyly extensive these days.( Someone told me this and I through it was a great idea)
@balanica (86)
• Romania
13 Dec 09
If I get $1 million I buy a house, a car but 50% I give to other (friends, family, poor people). I like to have money for give to orphans children