Do you believe in black magic? I have some remedies to share..

December 13, 2009 12:33pm CST
I know there are a lot of ggod people out there who will present you with cures but some of them are lengthy and some are complicated. I will present you with a simple cure and then the precautions. Before knowing the cure you must understand that black magic is powerless, i repeat powerless. It only becomes big if we allow it. 1-Take a glass of water 2-Recite darood sharif 11 times 3-Recite bismillah hir rehman nir raheem 487 times 4-recite darood sharif 11 times(again) 5-Blow 3 times on water and drink( or give some one affected to drink). 6-If you see bright whiteness then it means that the magic got extinguished. just like water extinguishes fire. Now some precations:Recite 3 quls and blow on yourself anytime in morning and also before sleeping.This is important do it daily. and recite manzil every day. and also recite the kalma 100 times everyday and ayat-ul-kursi as much as possible.
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