Can you laugh at the funny comment on you?

@mtvmtv (600)
December 13, 2009 1:22pm CST
Many people get angry with the comments on them which are funny.But i think it needs courage to laugh at own.How do you react?
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16 Dec 09
i found it cute whenever people write funny comments on me.. i would prefer people who are very true to me rather than hiding their true feelings.. it's nice to know your own funny way and laugh it out. what matters the most is that you're not trying to be perfect. you're just trying to be true to yourself.
14 Dec 09
to me it depends who makes the comment, if its a friend then its whatever, but if its someone i dont like, like my ex i immediately take it to heart and think of a comeback. even if the comment were true, its ok for a friend to say it but not anyone else. maybe im just petty like that! lol
@ruchimom (280)
• Australia
14 Dec 09
Hi If someone makes a joke at me I join in and instead of beig upset I take it with a stride,and when my turn comes I don't spare them LOL
@mkings (289)
• Germany
13 Dec 09
Its only a joke its has not affected any part of my body nor has its change me or will it change my character or way of thinking or seeing things.Jokes will alway come and go but you will remain as a person and as an individual.So you k=joke will instead make me strong and try to correct the place which I am weak in.I have no problem with jokes
@coolcoder (2019)
• United States
13 Dec 09
I used to get so offended whenever anyone made a joke at my expense, but as I've gotten older, I've become more able to laugh at myself and my little eccentricities. It's so much better to just lighten up and not take yourself so seriously, and believe me, it makes you much more pleasant to be around. In the wise words of the Joker-- "Why so serious?"
• Romania
13 Dec 09
If someone makes a joke about me i start to laugh... Even if he offended me....I don't have problems because i know hat he is joking