Do you prefer cheap fashion or expensive fashion?

@magic9 (981)
December 14, 2009 2:58am CST
I think for many people especially for those who have sharp eyes on clothes, this is a good idea. and if you are not planning to wear that clothes on for long, just for few occasions, then it is ok to spend little money. But, some people think cheap clothes don't give you much confidence in that the cloth quality, the designs are not up to standard. Which do you prefer? I agree that cheap clothes don't last long. Because from the moment you buy them, you know it is fake or designed by nobody. It might be the product of mass production or made in a small-scale factory. Therefore, the factory can't afford to hire excellent designers. And the more you spend on a piece of clothes, the more you value it. But some people who are used to buy expensive clothes find that those expensive clothes are made very cheap, with little cost at all. So, if you don't need to consider money factor, suppose you are rich enough to afford any, would you prefer cheap fashion or big brand ?
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@hani20 (60)
• Saudi Arabia
14 Dec 09
Which would I prefer? Acutally I had an answer for both. When I 'm outside the border like going to Bahrain or Dubai, my preferred clothes should be the expensive one. A little bit trendy but not necessarily very expensive. At times, I used to idolized just for the sake of what I am wearing... lol When I 'm at town, I wear anykind. I used to wear a craggy covered all especially crossing the dessert and have a dessert camp with my colleagues and friends. Above all, I wear my traditional dressing called thobe wherever I am inside the Kingdom. The white thobe with my head scarf. I just make it that I have an extra casual clothings in my car for general purposes....
@magic9 (981)
• China
17 Dec 09
right, it depends on where you are, what the surroundings are.
• China
22 Dec 09
In my opinion,shoes must belong to the expensive fashion,shoes that have good quality will be more comfortable , the style and looking will be nicer!But for clothes and trousers,sometimes the cheap ones will also have good looking and good style,especially when you prefer to some weird style,such as the external trade,you can buy them in small mall or at TaoBao,they are cheap but they are good choice!
• United States
16 Dec 09
I like an equal mix of both. You can buy shirts at walmart and jeans at a higher end store and still look nice. Its not always true that cheap clothes don't last as long either. I bought an aeropostale shirt that ripped before I took the price tag off of it. So that's not always true. It doesn't really matter to me as long as it accentuates my personality and body.
@tonyllenium (6261)
• Italy
14 Dec 09
i think it depnds from different clothes in particular so in some cases i think expensive clothes are better than cheap ones but for some categories as sports or casual clothes even the cheaper one are ok the same!!
@awel86 (15)
• Philippines
14 Dec 09
i prefer you mix cheap fashion with expensive fashion... you have to balance it.. example the top is the one that is expensive and the jeans are, should i say semi-expensive.. then mix the accessories. in that you don't spend too much money but having a good fashion look.