Do you think guys flirt too like women do?

@DenverLC (1146)
December 14, 2009 3:02am CST
We often hear this flirt word as a description to a lady expressing so much of her affection towards a man. When can we say that flirting exist and will it apply to men also?
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@piatos03 (396)
• Philippines
14 Dec 09
Guys are notorious flirts. Sometimes I think that they have their own flirting101 class. I used to hang out with my guy best friends a lot. They would take me to the gym with them. You wouldn't know how many pick up lines I had to endure by just being there. For guys, their kind of flirting is sometimes too straightforward to even be considered flirting. It's not that obvious unlike a girl's way of flirting. Guys send subtle signals compared to girls, but they do flirt. It's just in a different manner.