soon i'll have one...

@felliana (114)
December 14, 2009 7:42am CST
GOSH! a laptop. this is what i'm talking about! my husband bought me one, it's already in him, and he'll be home next month (i hope so). i'll be in mylot all the time, i guess. and i can tell the world what's going on everyday of my life. oh i'm so excited of my laptop, husband dear, come home soon. GOSH! a laptop. am so excited HAHAHAHA
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@badman006 (224)
• India
14 Dec 09
Hi Felliana.Good to know that your husband bought you a new laptop and you also seems to be a new mylotter.Well congratulations for your brand new lappy.ANd happy mylotting.Now you will be active on Mylot.Cheers.
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@felliana (114)
• Philippines
15 Dec 09
hey, thank you...yeah i'll be here often when i get my new laptop from my hub. oh, i've anticipating it alot! so excited LOL!
@rosekiss (30330)
• Eugene, Oregon
12 Jan 10
I really like my laptop. I have only been using laptops for a few years, and I won't go back to a desktop. I like the fact I can take it with me around the hours or oustsied on the patio or werhever I go. They sure are handy to have and use. I had used desktops for a lot of years, and to be able to use a laptop is really ideal. I can sit in my easy chair, while I am watdch tv and mylotting. you can't beat that for nothing. I do have a desktop, but i don['t do anything on it, as it just my server right now, as it is 7 years old so not sure how much longer it will last. I have my router, modem and printer hooked up to the desktop. Believe me once you get a laptop, you won't want to go back to a desktop. I know I certainly don't. Take care, and happy mylotting.
@felliana (114)
• Philippines
23 Jan 10
yes yes i like my laptop too, have it already, my husband is finally home! i do take it anywhere, it's so easy and handy and wow too great really that i have one. laptop is a must-gadget you have nowadays! it can be taken anywhere, anytime of the day! LOL! as in DOUBLE WOW!!!
@acie_21 (5640)
• Philippines
21 Mar 10
hey!friend... im also excited!i came by here cause i saw your topic... and i was making new discussion about being excited... heheheh!and this is perfect! im also excited to have a brand new phone this coming Tuesday!... wwwwwwwwwhhhheehehehehe! cause i drop my 4 years phone in the water... so hubby bought me a new one... i just feel so excited everyday... i cant wait to get my order....heheheh! im also excited to have a new dress..for special occasion..hehehe! and excited cause its my hubby birthday this coming Tuesday...hheheh! i love this week!hehehehe!thank you hubby!lol!hehehe! so hows your laptop??? cheers! good luck with your new laptop!.