The real foreign language

@Shooyao (156)
December 14, 2009 10:47am CST
As a chinese college student ,like the others in our country ,I spent more than ten years to learn a foreigh language ---English.But what i real have get? Some words that most of which I can't use in my speaking?Some article that I only can learn it by heart?Some boring grammers that i only can use it in my test? No!This is not what i want to get .For my perspective ,if one person use ten years to learn a foreign language and then he can't use it to contact with other ,it's a real tragedy. The education systerm in our china have so many problem which need to solve.We can do nothng excepy testing.We need a environment and a good atmosphere to use the foreign language.This is te reason why I come here and use the ym. I need some Europe foreign friends to help me take a real progress in my English.Maybe sometimes I can't understand ur meaning,but please give me another chance to learn.More practice ,more perfect. Need ur response,sincerely~~ my ym ID:
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