Which is better ArrangedMarriage or Love Marriage????????????

December 14, 2009 12:17pm CST
hi everybody what do you people think about this...many people say Arranged marriage is much better...WHY??????????But some say Love marriage is better...WHY??????????
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@kun2349 (23381)
• Singapore
16 Dec 09
Love marriage is definitely much better!! Because there's the freedom to love, as well as the joy of being in a relationship.. And for woman, the joy and priviledge of being proposed to, in a romantic setting, which only she as well as her man, will be able to feel, as if the time stopping right at that very moment.. haha =D BUt for arranged marriage, it's only good for the man, for it saves them alot of trouble, and what's more important is about carrying on the family line.. haha =D
@bhav27 (442)
• India
15 Dec 09
I will say that which so ever is the marriage the compatibility and understanding between each other makes the relation to move on if they are not willing to understand each others situation then the marriage will break up no matter then whether arrange marriage or love marriage , i seen many married people done love as well as arrange marriage but are not happy because they are not willing to understand other feeling , either they are dominating or self obsessed or self centered. So type of marriage never matters which matter the most is Compatibility and understanding between each other.Sacrifice is also included to make relationship go smoothly.
@mkings (289)
• Germany
14 Dec 09
Hello grajesh29 Arranged marriage is terrior in the house,its just like playing a worse cd everyday day and night until you know each part of the cd.But love marriage is just like ..... you surely know what i mean.Arranged marriage you are trapped in it so the woman or man came take decision that may affect you without asking you anything
@kokila19 (102)
• Kuwait
14 Dec 09
Hi Rajesh, Love marriage is better than arranged. In love marriage, you will be knowing the guy/girl before itself and you know about her/his thinking likes/dislikes everything. In arranged marriage, you will be forced to love that person.
14 Dec 09
Love is better as you have found that person yourself and you know you are compatiable with that person. With arranged marriages you dont know the person you dont know if you could ever love them maybe even like them and yolu have to spend the rest of your life with that person, maybe its because I am from a Western culture and I am not used to it but I cannot see why anybosy would want to promise to spend the rest of their life with someone they havent met!