2012 and the Aztec calender

United States
December 14, 2009 1:55pm CST
Really? Do you truely believe that the earth will end in 2012 because of the end of a CALENDAR?!? So what if they were great astronomers or astrologers. Have you seen the Aztec calendar? There really isn't any room for anymore. Look at your cell phone. We have great astronomers, too. Your cell phone has a calendar in it. Go forward far enough, and you will come to the end of it. Maybe some future generation will think your cell phone calendar indicates the end of the world, because we had "special knowlege".
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@savypat (20217)
• United States
14 Dec 09
All I know is the earth will end when it ends and there is nothing we punny little humans can do about it. If you are living in the future, you are missing life NOW Stop and look around you for any of us it may be the last time for all we know.
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• India
14 Dec 09
Aztec calender is a very complicated one and there is a rumor that it stops in the year 2012
• United States
14 Dec 09
I think it's only complicated because it's in a language that's not spoken anymore. But, I could be srong, here. Does anyone else get the feeling that man is not evolving, but devolving? I mean, if the ancients were so much smarter than us, doesn't that mean we're lower on the evolutionary scale?
@xfahctor (14122)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
14 Dec 09
Lol, heck it's a good thing they print new calenders every year, imagine if they forgot to make one for 2009? the world would have ended in 2008.... People tend to romaticise the knowlege of the ancients, including the Mayans. they had no idea what was up there, they just saw little twinking shiny things in the sky and watched them progress across the sky over time. They had no idea of the astronomical differences between planets, stars, etc.
• Canada
16 Dec 09
Hilarious!!! You are the first one to bring up the "we ran out of space" theory I am going with that. I love the way you have communicated this. Cheers!