what makes a good lover

December 14, 2009 2:54pm CST
I'm interested to know what turns you fella's on, whats a big turn on in the bedroom? i'm not just talking about the act but how a woman is, what makes someone sexy??
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@rosey19 (951)
• Philippines
9 Jan 10
I think what makes sense for a woman in the bedroom is when she respond to the actions of a man and that makes a good interaction between the two lover. It will not only portrays love and affection but the most important is satisfaction of what they do. Because no matter how beautiful, sexy the woman is but in bed she just lie down; well it does not make sense at all.
• Canada
29 Dec 09
When me and my boyfriend got together, we talked about what we liked, more what i like than him, and he listened and he is amazing in bed, he knows what turns me on, and works with it, now i need to learn more about what he likes so i can pleasure him as much as he dose me!
@jbrooks0127 (2325)
• United States
15 Dec 09
For a woman to be sexy in the bedroom is incredibly easy. Of course it is different for each man but one of the most important things for me is that she is involved. If she is loving and is willing to tell him what she likes and is not afraid to ask him what he likes he will consider her a very hot lady indeed. Have your heard the phrase, "Hey big boy", said in a very sultry voice? Well you don't have to say those words but if you talk or act that way he will love it. The worst thing a woman can do is to lay there and hope he knows what she likes. Nope...not likely, so you have to tell him. And if you are not afraid, and even like, to make love to him, you will have one very hot man on your hand.
• Spain
14 Dec 09
What is the question here? what makes a good lover or what makes someone sexy? I guess for the first one... some one who pleases you and is not to selfish just to please him/her self. The second one... It depends on tastes...