Do you like to be number 1 or do you think it is a pain?

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December 15, 2009 6:55am CST
This discussion I feel can be best answered by a person who is/has been No.1 at some activities. First of all, have you been Numero uno at anything till now in your life and if not, in which task would you like to be number 1 and why do you feel you have a better chance? Have you got the chance to see a person who has been so successful in his/her life within your family or friends and how did you feel? Well, this discussion can be answered from your experiences also, since you live in a heterogeneous society, do you like to be number 1 or do you think it is a pain being Number 1? A personal question, do you get inspired from that person or be jealous of him/her? I think it is both fun and pain being Number 1 since you need to be constantly working towards it and people start expecting a lot from you ever since you are number 1. Seeing people like Federer, Tiger Woods, well I think it is ..... Mylot having around 192K population, I feel happy to be a part of Mylot, which is the Number 1 (...)
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@youless (104225)
• Guangzhou, China
16 Dec 09
I don't give myself a high pressure. I don't have to be the number 1. As long as I can win something, it is already good enough for me. Even if I am just participating it, it will be alright. I will be glad anyway. I just require myself not to be the bottom:) I love China
• India
16 Dec 09
Good point,sir.