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@felliana (114)
December 15, 2009 8:15pm CST
i love data entry, it's my passion! now that i have found a legit website to do data entry, i wanted to start my own business. i'm a data encoder, working in one of Data Outsourcing company in our place but due to GLOBAL CRISIS our company got sudden closed, and we employees were greatly affected. i love data entry, ti's my passion! and now that i have found a legit website to do data entry, i wanted to start my own business. perhaps, i'll just 2-3 computers, then i'll hire one of my co-workers, especially the "moms" already, and a work of 3-6 hours a day,WOW! definitely, it'll work! Here's my calculation: the rate is $1 per 1,000 entries. my typing speed, $1,000 per hour. if i work 6hrs., i'll have $6 per day. $6/day x 3 computers = $18 per day $18/day x 2 (shifts a day) = $36 a day $36/day x 28 working days = $1,008 in a month $1 = P45.00 (Paypal rate, Peso currency) $1,008 x P45.00 = P45,360 a month WHATTA! Expenses: 1 person = P2,000 salary 6 persons= P12,000 a month Electric bill = P5,000 (assuming) Internet bill = P2,000 (assuming) TOTAL EXPENSES: P19,000 45,360 net -19,000 expenses ------------------ P26,360 =============== as in WOW! and to think it's just in the comfort of the home. and no tax. no business permits. mmmm it's more like a Manager's salary. LOL! it's great right? what ja tink?",) happy lotting!
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@myramae19 (667)
• Philippines
21 Dec 09
hi felliana! I am also from philippines. I am interested to know what's that legit website that u have found??? God bless! merry christmas!
• Malaysia
7 Jan 10
Hi Felliana, thanks for sharing such a good information with all of us. I would like to know more about this legit website on data entry. Appreciate you could send me the link and further info. Thank you very much and have a nice day.
1 Jan 10
Hello, i want to know more informations about this website. Please give me the website link. Speciall i very interested to do any type of data entry work. I hope you will help me.
@valorz (11)
• China
16 Dec 09
i also wanna know the website