Do you have a second job to make ends meet?

December 16, 2009 6:07am CST
I recently recruited a temp at work who comes in for 2 hours each evening to help out with some manual work. He was late not long ago and I asked him why. I was surprised when he said that he has 3 jobs: part-time in the morning, part-time in the afternnon and then the couple of hours at my work place. I was quite amazed how he managed to do this. With all the commuting on top of working this must be very exhausting. But he said he doesn't have a choice. He can't get a full time job and he needs the money. Do you have a 2nd job to make ends meet? How do you cope with it?
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• United States
16 Dec 09
I wish I could have one or two jobs right now but currently I don't even have one but I have worked two jobs in the past to make ends meet and I didn't have a choice if I wanted to be able to survive. When I lived with my mom, she was on disability and still is and they definitely don't pay a lot of money each month, not nearly as much as she was making when she was able to work. I worked two jobs to help ends meet and help her and the household out as well as my own bills and my brother also worked a job too. Now a days people do what they have to do to make ends meet, it is exhausting working two jobs, I've done it like I said but I can't imagine working three, woah! Sometimes in the past one was enough for me especially when it was full time hours and sometimes over-time.
16 Dec 09
I imagine it must be incredibly hard. I am lucky enough that both I and my husband have full-time jobs and I am often annoyed at colleagues whining all the time about how hard things are. At least we all have a steady salary coming in. I wish you good luck to find a job soon.