still working during the illness????

@bingchen (1126)
December 17, 2009 1:52am CST
i chated with my friend for a while,she is saler in the supermarket and have worked there for several months,she was sick and the heat keep high degree for several days,so she called to her manager to have a rest.but her manager dont she only work with be sick.especially what she done is not only sale product,and also discharge and delivery and so on.when she talked about this and make me angry,why not give them having a rest?isnt healty important?why do they still work during the illness?what did you think that this thing?
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@chiyosan (30194)
• Philippines
16 Aug 11
oh yeah i have been in this situation before where i was actually required to come to work even if i was feeling really sick. because i had to do some reports and there was no one who can and knows to do the report.
@dorannmwin (36656)
• United States
21 Dec 09
Well, I'm a stay at home mother and I have been for the past three years. However, my husband is a very hard worker and he does work when he is ill. He has been suffering with kidney stones for the past several months and has even ended up in the emergency room twice, but still he goes to work the following day. The reason for this is that his place of employment only gives five paid vacation/sick days per year. Besides that, he is the only one at the company that knows how to do his job and if he isn't there then the work doesn't get done.
• Brunei Darussalam
18 Dec 09
people need to rest. . specially if sick. . why you should work if you have illness? go to hell her manager. . :) ding. .
@jaiho2009 (38989)
• Philippines
17 Dec 09
hello friend, i don't think that the company has the rights to demand her to work. She has all the reason to skip and have rest,for health is very important when we are working. What if something worst will happen at her,what if she fainted and accidentally bang her head somewhere(i hope not). So much of danger when working with having an illness,since we don't feel alright and we are experiencing some pain too. She can always refuse and skip from her work,let the "sick leave" do the talking with the boss. good day friend