Do you think you are self obssessed

@hireshd (492)
December 17, 2009 7:44am CST
Hi friends, I love my ownself and many a times I am too much obsessed about me and myself which my friends hate and say that you are selfish but for me my own happiness i very important and doing so I have never hurted anyone but still people think I am selfish. Do you think that if you are self obsessed you are selfish and it creates a problem for others. Most of times I am in my own world.
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• Philippines
5 Jan 10
we're in the same boat pal...even me I'm in love with myself that's why i like spending time alone just doing what i want....sometimes when i hang out with my friends i space out a's like even if when im with them i'm still having my own little world...imagining things that i want to happen...or just a total day dreamer...there's nothing wrong in loving yourself..!!!maybe they just want your attention or affection...but being obsessed so much may cause a little problem...they may think that you only care for yourself and you don't care for put it simply they just really want to know if you care about them...
@ckyera (17342)
• Philippines
28 Dec 09
hello there! i think loving ourselves is not bad, actually its a good thing that we know how to love ourselves...coz if we don't love ourselves, how can we love others right? i am not really sure why you appear to be selfish in front of your friends, maybe you have done something that offends them? or are you being too conceited in front of them? on my part, yeah i love myself and there are times that i feel i am being selfish...haha but just sometimes and with petty things only...when it comes to my friends, i always wanted to share whatever i have and for me, as long as we are not hurting anyone, being in love with our self is not wrong and as long as it brings good feelings to us... but of course my friend, we also need to share the love we are feeling for ourself and spread love to the world!
@magtibaygom (4861)
• Philippines
21 Dec 09
Loving yourself is healthy. It is natural. It is related to self-esteem. But having self-esteem is different from being selfish. As long as you are not selfish, there's nothing to worry about loving yourself.
@Helenhe (19)
• China
17 Dec 09
I don't understand why your friend hate you just because you are self obssesed? Have you ever hurt her/him before? If you are just self obssessed in your own world and never hurt others i think it's no business with anyone else.Personnally, i think poeple who are self obssessed are confident and enjoy life than those who even hate himselves. Hireshd, you are lucky cuz you ae self obssessed!