What if you met a divorced woman?

@arneljb (224)
December 17, 2009 8:10am CST
What if you are in this situation?: I am 40 years old and have been on my own since age 17. I’m a college graduate and have a promising career. Four years ago, while working overseas, I met a divorced woman with three children who was working at a minimum-wage job. I became very close to her and her children and helped support them. After coming home, I found myself missing her a great deal. I wrote her and asked her to marry me. She has accepted. Now I’m scared to death. This is a commitment unlike any I’ve ever made. When I told my family and friends, they were skeptical and not very supportive. They think the woman may be using me or that I may be confusing love with the feeling of being needed. I don’t know how to respond to these comments. I’ve never known love, so I don’t know if I love her. I do know that I trust her and feel comfortable with her and something is missing when I’m not with her. I’ve never had these feelings about anyone else. Does that make it love?
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• United States
18 Dec 09
No its not love. You just want to feel needed. You can volunteer to help the sick, elderly, those in despair, or even those with disabilities. You will get the same feeling from that. Only marry someone if you love them and have no qualms about it.
@bhav27 (442)
• India
18 Dec 09
Dude you are in love with her , forget about your parents and friends , just see yourself , are you happy with her , you feel comfortable with her , so what she is divorced even she is a human and want love and i think she should get her love , if you really trust her and feel comfortable with her then i will suggest you to marry her as soon as possible , she is not using you , she need you and you need her , show your love to her don't listen to anyone , just listen to your heart. all the best in you life and have happy life.
@zandi458 (28102)
• Malaysia
17 Dec 09
They say love is 'blind'. You will only get back your eyesight when you are married. So how could anyone explain the simple terms of falling in love aside from your own self. A divorced woman is no less a woman and she didn't asked to be in that status but who could control fate. If being with her makes you happy, then she might be the woman God has planned for you. No one can make the decision for you as it only concern two people.
• Hong Kong
17 Dec 09
Hi arneljb, Love is a big subject. We have to spend our whole life to learn about it and we can hardly graduate. I think you love her but only you yourself know if it is worth, not your friends or relatives. Moreover, love can be different in nature when with different people and with different partners. As a result, you cannot compare it with others. Every relationship has its own magic of love. If you feel comfortable with it then go ahead. If you feel a bit worry, then you better write down your feeling and think it over, then to analyse again if she suits you, like her habits, way of thinking, how good are you two communicate with each other, do you like her sons and so on. Best wishes, agonyaunt69 (10:52pm 17 Dec 2009, Hong Kong time)