What will you do, If you get free cash today usd 1,2 mil ?

December 17, 2009 8:23am CST
I became a member of PTR of silvanamails.com since last month, the minimum payout usd 1,2 mil. everyday i was thinking, they will pay me or not ? if i reach the minimum ? And what if i get paid ? Guys, do have any ideas ?
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@erikmama (12929)
• United States
17 Dec 09
wow, are you talking about million dollars? That's way to much. How would you ever earn that much money from an internet site? EVERTONE would be on there doing it! I think it is a scam and you should run far, far away!
• Indonesia
17 Dec 09
thanks to show me the way, bro... I think i will close my account immdlty... anyone else have the same experiences ?
• India
17 Dec 09
dont waste your time... its bulshit...
@owlwings (41817)
• Cambridge, England
17 Dec 09
I think you mean silvanamails.net. If you search for 'silvanamails scam' you will find plenty of evidence that it is something you should stay well away from. Just this (on the home page) makes me laugh! "• All Emails Worth $2000! • $20000 SignUp Bonus! • $2000 Reffeal Bonus! • $10000 Payout minimum!" If you read the FAQs, you find that "$" are actually 'points'. In other words, if you are paid at all, it will not be the amount that shows as your earnings but something far, far less! The other thing that I would warn anyone about the site is that the lists of 'Payouts' publish your email address. If I were a spammer, I would be rubbing my hands with glee at this source of email addresses to send spam to! Did you know that, every time your email address is 'harvested' from a website, you can expect to receive 840 spam emails?
@rjvb26 (2518)
• Philippines
17 Dec 09
I guess that was a scam site, and i think $1.2m is very hard to achieve, ow much will they pay the workers? How much is the rate? I don't know, but for me it is a scam, but you can always ask others about it, and i am sure they will tell you the same thing that i told you here. Anyway just take care cause there are lots of sites here who are taking advantage of people's weakness to earn money. But if that will be the case, first i will ask them to give me the money, then if i already have it, i will use it for good and for sure i will help those families who have nothing to prepare specially this coming Christmas. Have a great day!