Have you got the 'iPhone' yet?

December 17, 2009 10:07am CST
It is officially one of the most wanted gifts for Christmas this year along with the iPod touch. I was curious to know on how many people actually have the iPhone so far, I know they have sold over twenty million which is huge but most people prefer phones such as Nokia. I currently have not got the iPhone but I am looking forward on getting it next year sometime!
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@benny128 (3615)
17 Dec 09
I have an I-Phone started off on the 1st generation one and have upgraded now I have the 3GS. I have a friend who is a manager of a mobile phone shop for one of the big suppliers so I get to try all the new phones from the new nokia's, blackberries, lg's etc etc and to be perfectly honest nothing so far thats out on the market touches the I-Phone, I used to change my phone every year but have had the I-Phone in its various generations for over 2 years now and to be honest untill theres a phone that can compete with it am going to stay with the I-Phone.
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@kaylachan (48327)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
17 Dec 09
I don't have it. I don't want it. The priceses for cell phones are redicoulous, and most prices don't include the monthly fee for the data plan they require. Plus not to mention it's an apple product. I don't favor apple. Oh yeah also I'm against AT&T too. Those are all reasons why I don't care for the Iphone. It's not a must-have for me.
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• China
18 Dec 09
I wanna get an iphone very much. But it's too expensive for me in China. I can't afford such a good cell phone.
@eddify (412)
• Pakistan
19 Dec 09
Most of the people i know have an Apple and they are happy to show off. A friend of mine was selling it for a lower price but since it was used I didnt go for it. Well there are some other smart phones available in the market which are low in price and yet there is a huge market for them out there too.
17 Dec 09
I havent got the iPhone, I have one which I believe is better which as you have already said it is a Nokia. The Nokia 5530. I think it is so much better than the iPhone mostly because my partner managed to smash the screen on one just by touching it! Now that cannot be made very well!
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• India
21 Dec 09
I have the iPhone 3G! but you think its worth a christmas gift? ya, an iPod Touch will be very good, but just buying iPhone or iTouch doesn't mean its great its actually the apps and games that makes these things great..apart from the hardware. So after you buy one of these iDevices, you need your iTunes account or you dad's I suppose to buy some great apps - NFS, FIFA etc..That's gonna cost a lot!
@jozz70 (60)
• Indonesia
18 Dec 09
Yeah, Iphone reputation is good, but for myself I prefer Blackberry phone than Iphone, even Iphone more stylish. But deep in my heart I also want Iphone as my gadget beside my BB lol..