Excuse me?!? - the dumbest thing I've heard yet

@imsilver (1667)
December 17, 2009 1:22pm CST
Well, once again I'm arguing with my gas company. They are really beginning to drive me up the wall. I called yesterday to report a payment and I got into it again with the lady on the other end. Then she said something that had me just hanging up the phone before I said something I'd regret. I try really hard to keep in mind that the call center people don't make the rules. They are just doing their job but the lady yesterday was out of her gourd. I'm on the equal billing payment plan. On last months bill, it told me that my energy used to date was $375 and my instalments paid to date was $1096. Yet they are threatening to disconnect me because I'm about $100 behind on last months. I asked her if it was possible for them to take that $100 out of the $600+ that I've already paid. And she says to me (get this!) "that doesn't count as money until the end of the year" Ummmm.... huh? I sure as heck counted as money when it came out of my bank account. Absolutely blew me away. Like I said earlier, I just hung up after that because I was afraid I'd be calling her names soon.
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@aprilsue00 (1992)
• United States
17 Dec 09
Wow. I would have told the lady Merry Christmas. I guess one good thing in your favor is that it is almost the end of the year so your money will actually be money. Ha Ha. I don't understand some companies. Most of the time I would rather use the automated system than actually talk to a live person.
@smileonstar (4012)
• United States
17 Dec 09
Hello, I used to deal with these people before but now... I just learn something that is working for me about calling them. If you think you meet the same one, who helped you yesterday then hang up and call again... it will round you up to different people. May I ask you ? what Gas do you use? how come it is so high? u pay over $300 a month? wow!!! that's way lot then my business is running? Are you talking about the Electric bill? still high. I can give you some tips on saving them... call up your gas or electric company to see if they have low plan for you. same thing happen to me... sometimes I call to reschedule for my payment and I met this guy and I told him that I need to reschedule for my payment to be paid by the end of this month and he said NO... I have to pay now. I said ok, thank you and I hung up. I called back and met another lady and she helps me reschedule for my bill. well, some people are so hard to talk to and some are so understanding.