Library Card Fines! How much do you owe the public library?

@maezee (40204)
United States
December 17, 2009 5:19pm CST
I was surprised to find out that I only owed .30 cents on an overdue book at the public library, after not having visited them in what seemed like..years. (Well, it technically was years. About a year and a half anyway.) I was pleasantly surprised, because I honestly suspected that I had racked up at least $10 in overdue fines. What about you? How much, in fines, do you have on your library card? And at what point do you decide to pay them off at?
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• United States
18 Dec 09
I think I have at least twenty dollars racked up in library fees and perhaps even a few overdue books hiding somewhere in the mess I call my home But my librarian is really nice so hopefully I can talk out of the fees if I return all the books.
• Australia
21 Jan 10
20 Dollars was the amount I paid off last time because there were many books borrowed out at the time and it overdue for about a month or so.
• United States
22 Dec 09
I'm actually pretty good at taking them back on time - what I'm more likely to do (which is a lot worse) is to lose a book completely. So, I have no idea what my local libraries fees are (plus, I haven't visited in a while). But, I heard a story about a woman that was almost arrested for.... 5 cents. That library is not playing around. lol
@Arkadus (898)
• Canada
20 Dec 09
I think I owe them fifteen dollars or so. Which is a step down from the 40ish I owed them a while back. Libraries around here are a little different from most places. If you have something overdue and return no big deal, no fines. Unless of course you have for quite a while, then they won't let you use the library until you've paid a sum of money pretty much equivalent to what the book would have cost originally. Which is kind of sneaky and underhanded because a lot of books at our libraries were donated to them. I had a book and an old audio cassette book thing. I found all of the audio book and the box the tapes went in, just not the cases for the cassettes. I haven't been to the library since I returned those to see if that was good enough to get it nudged off my fee. .
@cripfemme (7710)
• United States
18 Dec 09
As of now, I have nothing and my goal is not to get another fine until 2010. I have 13 more days to go. Ideally I would like to not have a fine during all of 2010, but I think that's biting a little more off than I can chew. When I had fines (prior to paying them off this last time), it was $5.70.