What's the first things mostly in your mind when you wake up in the morning?

December 17, 2009 7:32pm CST
This morning, I realized that I always think about the company things in the morning, and most of them are not happy things, oh,my god,Am I a workholic or not? that's too bad, and it can make me feel uncomfortable the whole morning. But sometimes the first thing I think about is other thing like breakfast, my boyfriend, the beautiful clothes I'm going to wear,or the wonderful songs I heard. So I couldn't help wondering what comes first in most people's mind when they wake up in the moring. what about you, mylotters? lol...
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• Malaysia
19 Dec 09
Hi, Yvonne! Yeah, I did think about my work when I was still working before. I was thinking about how I would handle the day, whether I could still survive the stressful environment at work and so many things about work! It wasn't because I was workaholic, but I guess I was just worried... So, after I resigned a few months ago, the first thing on my mind right now when I wake up is how to clear the laundry basket! It never seems to empty even though I thought I have washed all of them.
• China
21 Dec 09
Well, I really envy you guys who don't need to work, I want to live a simple life, too. But I have to face the all boring and nonsensical things at work, but I'm trying to change, to treat myself well, not too hard at work. and let the things go in its own way! try not to worry a lot.
@1hopefulman (45855)
• Canada
19 Dec 09
Usually I think of God and spent a few minutes in prayer before moving to the tasks of the day. Since each day has it's own priorities, I think of the different things that must be accomplished depending on what day it is. Some things must be done and others can wait if I run out of time. Each day I must decide what is a priority and what is not. Have a beautiful Saturday!
@anniege (203)
• China
18 Dec 09
Well I will throw the company things out of me before i enter my house. Of course, i will always make sure i have finished my task assigned. The first things in my mind when i wake up in the morning is determination to have a nice day with the new sunshine. I know my mood will influce my family so i will always keep a smile face. Have a nice one!