How to get back my friends ?

December 18, 2009 12:33am CST
Hey all of you i realy need help from you..i have just break up with my best friend due to some misunderstanding and now i am realize that was my biggest 2 mistake so far in my life and i want to get back my best friend with i broke up...but i don't know why i was unable to say sorry and don;t know how to do it ? please comment and help me
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• Malaysia
3 Aug 10
If they are stuck up enough to turn away from you then they don't deserve your friendship. I sued to be in the semi-popular group at school too. I thought i was so cool when in fact, people didn't like me cause of the people I hung out with. You should keep things neutral between you and your old friends and move on. This is only my opinion on this though, you might view the situation differently but i hope in a way, it helped.^^
@srganesh (6344)
• India
25 Dec 09
Pride or ego,whatever name you call it,that is stopping you from speaking to your friend.You know that you are guilty and so you have to take steps.Don't hesitate to regain a good friend.You can ask a help from a third person to mediate between you both,if you are too much hesitant.
• India
18 Dec 09
Hi shivam, It is really good that you realized your mistake on time, and dont take much time to say sorry.Person should be strong enough to realize their mistake and say sorry. According to me you to gather lots of guts to say your friend sorry.But anyhow you have to collect that guts to say sorry ,other you could lost your friend forever. If you really think that it was your fault and you really love your friend than you should not hesitate to pour your heart. So go ahead and get your friend back. Have a nice time with your friend. Regards Ranvir
@Helenhe (19)
• China
18 Dec 09
Sometimes it's hard to say than write, so you mail send a text or Email to her.By writting,you can explaine everything clearly and apologize to him.If i was your best friend and when i see your text i will forgive you and want to be best friends with you forever.
• India
18 Dec 09
Misunderstanding can occur in a relationship and to overcome that is the beauty and strength of friendship. You don't have to prepare yourself before talking to your friend. If you cant talk to your friend face to face, firstly send a msg or email explaining everything and then have a talk..
@sherinek (3321)
• United States
18 Dec 09
You say its your best friend right. Plus you say its a misunderstanding. So what's the big deal? Just go and talk to your friend. Someone who is a true friend, can be much more understanding and will surprise you. Also, you dont breakup with BEST friend. So good luck and take care.