Receiving your Funds via Check in Paypal?

@Nameless_ (1180)
December 18, 2009 1:28am CST
Hello people, I have a question regarding Paypal. I see that it is possible to receive your money via Paypal through check, and you do not have to link your bank account with your bank account details with it. Does anyone use this method of receiving their funds via Paypal? Also, do you need any verification or anything like that if you use this method? Thanks, Nameless_ (Btw, what happens if your name is the same name as someone else and it is written on the check?)
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@smiley83 (1535)
• Malaysia
19 Dec 09
yeah i do have paypal account..basically, you need to register a particular e-mail through which, the payment will be sent.. i can't remember the procedure that took for filling up the application form..but, the thing i do remember is that, they do ask for a particular email and of course, they will not get confused between you and another name as they deal with the email account not with names... but the names have to be your real name as you can't use a fake name coz you have to deal with an online, make sure all the information that you are gonna apply are real information in paypal..
@Nameless_ (1180)
• Australia
19 Dec 09
Haha, OK... no, I was just asking, as I don't really think I would like to link my bank account to my paypal account, and I think a dollar or two shouldn't matter. But anyway... Yeah... it's in my real name, of course. I don't see a point in faking THAT. :)