Is it possible to view private or block numbers on phone?

@Renhard (3474)
December 18, 2009 7:57am CST
Is it possible to view private or block numbers on phone? If not why? If so how can it be done? I know a lot of people want to see who are calling them on private numbers. Sometimes it gets really annoying and i feel do not feel to answer none of them. So if you have the time please participate in this discussion.
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@apgh09 (514)
• United States
18 Dec 09
i have tried to figure out the same thing, i know with some phone companies you can have it set up that you don't allow private calls and they would have to display the number they are calling from or else can't call you. have you tried calling your phone provider with this question?
@Renhard (3474)
• Jamaica
18 Dec 09
No i actually have not. I have heard though with united states of America phone companies you can use a website: ( to do it. I do not live in the US though so I have never tried it.
@kaylachan (16292)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
19 Dec 09
It is not possible to view a blocked or hidden number especially on a cell phone. You can't even go through your cell's call records on your bill. They are blocked for what ever reason known only to the person or network who chose to block the number. And, if someone feels strongly enough, then they can block it. However, you can use services to reject incoming calls. I know several friends whose numbers are blocked. It is for this reason I'll answer an unknown call. Generally if its a personal number that's blocked, it will come up privite. If its a network number that can't be called back, it will come up unknown. Hospitals and doctors offices and even some schools have this in place as most phone numbers in those places are a network of extensions that can't be called back directly due to the fact its an extension, and they had to use other means to reach an outside line. In essance its being routed. (such an example is having to dial nine to reach an outside line.) So if you ever have to give your cell number to a hospital, it may be wise to respond to that call. Besides with the advent of voice mail, you can screan your calls. Hospitals will always leave a message with an actual number where they can be reached.