online shopping: good or bad?

December 19, 2009 10:36am CST
good because it makes shopping convenient:) or bad because scammers are increasing in number:(
3 responses
@minx267 (15252)
• Hartford, Connecticut
20 Dec 09
I find that I get better deals when I shop Online.. I try to go through Bigcrumbs for most of my purchases too. that way I get cash back from my purchases on top of the deals and coupons they offer me. I don't even save as well when I shop with coupons as I do shopping through BigCrumbs.. I was able to save over $50 on ink for my printers last month.. And I got a $20 battery for my phone for less than half- plus cash back.. :-) I have never had a problem not getting my merchandise..
@ravinskye (8242)
• United States
19 Dec 09
I'm going to vote online shopping is good. Especially this time of year when everyone is offering free shipping or sales. I think you just have to be smart about it and be careful. Most of the sites you use like amazon and ebay offer protection incase someone scams you. Or you can order from stores websites and you are safe that way. If it seems a little iffy don't do it.
@magic9 (981)
• China
19 Dec 09
good and bad. I have bought many books from Amazon, the delivery is very fast and on time. I will not pay until I receive the parcel and check the items. but I am very careful about online shopping. so up till now, there is not an item that I am not contented with.