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United States
December 19, 2009 9:05pm CST
My best friend and her daughter got into an argument, I was there, so I know it was nothing more than that...the daughter was upset because her boyfriend was being a complete asp, my friend was upset because her daughter was upset and still defending the boyfriend. The police were called, I have no idea who did it or why, they were not being loud or obnoxious with each other, my thought is it may have been my best friends son, who is 16, maybe he was worried it was going to escalate. The police took my best friends granddaughter into protective custody, saying the child was being neglected (BS!!). They had a court hearing a few days after that and said the child was going to remain in foster care until her mother finds a place of her own, works on some counseling, and pretty much can establish herself independently. The daughter is 19 years old, pregnant again, the boyfriend is a literal ASP!! (minus the P, and add another S) He is not the granddaughters daddy, but the daddy has never tried to contact the mother, although he has regularly paid child support. Now he wants custody of his daughter. If anyone has any ideas of what they need to do, any advice, please let me know.
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@dmrone (750)
• United States
27 Dec 09
Hi! The granddaughter may be in better care with her father. He has shown that he will support her. Did he not try to have anything to do with her or did the mother not want him to? The daughter needs to grow up, but she will have on do that on her own as she will not listen to anyone trying to help her or guide her. Were you called to testify at the court hearing as a witness? If not maybe you could go before the judge and explain that you were there and what you observed happening. It may help to get the granddaughter back with the family that she knows.
• United States
20 Dec 09
Hi lady, where in the world have u been? first time i have seen u on here in ages. hope u are doing o.k. U know the one i feel sorry for is the child. here it is christmas time & she has been taken away & i guess will spend her christmas w/strangers , how sad. Sounds like to me her mother needs to get her stuff togeter, The grandmother should try to get custody of that baby if she is a good lady & will take good care of her. If the dad hasgot his life together better than the child's mother maybe she would be better off w/her dad. I hope the child gets to spend the christmas w/family & not strangers. merry christmas to u.
@mommyboo (13191)
• United States
20 Dec 09
The dad wants custody? Well, he has one thing going for him - that he has paid support. However, if he has never tried to contact the mother or stay in touch with the child, it will look fishy if he is trying to gain full custody. If he is just now stepping forward and wanting to SHARE custody - or in essence doing this in order to get her out of foster care, that may be different. Your friend's daughter doesnt' want this though, right? Do you think she has a reasonable chance of getting out on her own and caring for her daughter by herself with continued child support okay? I hesitate to say what she should do with the current boyfriend, if he's not treating her well but he's the second baby's dad, it will even be harder for her to make ends meet.
@b4balaji (410)
• India
20 Dec 09
According to me, everybody in that family have not played their part. The girl has been having relation with two guys, and a child with a unfamiliar guy. The guy as you is a ASP, who has not acted as a good husband or a father. The father of the girl, should have at least been a good father, by making sure he cleared the problem with his girl. If he is not able to find a good guy for his daughter then what a father he is? The only person who has to be seen with kindness is the child. The child dint do anything wrong. Why should it go with somebody who doesnt deserve that poor child? I think it would be better idea the child is brought up in foster care till, the adults learn their fault.