Which country has the most beautiful girls ?

December 20, 2009 7:23am CST
Hi, which country do you think has the most beautiful girls?
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@nautilus33 (1831)
20 Dec 09
Hi! As I know from many people from Bulgaria, who have traveled to many countries, Bulgarian girls are most beautiful, but I also think Asian girls are very beautiful,too!
20 Dec 09
There are some great looking Asian girls but the most attractive Asian girls tend to be mixed with other races.
@Takashy (496)
• Latvia
20 Dec 09
There isn't really a country with the most beautiful girls. It just depends on the opinion of the person. All countries have beautiful girls. You just have to find the right one. :)
@weasel81 (2501)
• Australia
20 Dec 09
yep i agree with you, how can you define beauty. what one person likes another may not.
@rene12 (796)
• Philippines
29 Dec 09
There are different beautiful girls around the world but the most attractive faces for me are the Korean girls. Maybe because I have a close friend which is a Korean girl. I admit that I was attracted to her. She sends kisses and hugs when talking to YM or texts but I was thinking that she is like that and I don't want to confirm she does that to everyone so I would not be disappointed :p
• India
25 Dec 09
Venezuela has the most beautiful girls.
• Canada
24 Dec 09
ALL countries have their beautiful girls. No one country can answer that question.
• United States
23 Dec 09
I heard many men say that they saw a lot of beautiful girls in Romania. The women I saw who are from Romania tend to be thin and I didn't see any blemishes on their face. Then again makeup does cover up blemishes. So it all depends on your opinion.
• China
21 Dec 09
Girl is the gift God give.Most beautiful girls live China,haha
@srganesh (6344)
• India
21 Dec 09
There are lot of beautiful girls in our surrounding area.That does not mean they are the most beautiful ones.But what purpose is solved if there are beautiful girls outside our territory and we can't see them in person.So,each and everybody should consider their neighborhood to have the beautiful girls in the World.
@cobradene (1171)
• India
20 Dec 09
Well, I would personally think it is India, since I haven't travelled abroad, further than Nepal. I would say Indian women are one of the most beautiful women in the world. Their style of dressing, and also way of presenting themselves is really nice, and modest, but not too revealing, even though slowly the culture seems to be changing, but there are a greater number of women who still don't dress very revealing and carry themselves extremely well. But I am sure Europe also has great beauty, especially the French women...
20 Dec 09
I would probably say that The US has the most beautiful girls in the world. There are a few counties in Europe which have a load of beautiful women, Like Spain, Italy, England and France.
@Hazelrose (2182)
• Philippines
20 Dec 09
Hi Phadagour,As i observed now a days,There were more beautiful girls in asean countries specially philippines,because there are lots of mestiza in here.I am a filipina and i can see how really beautiful are our young ladies,competting for beauty pageantand other artista search.Any way, Other countries also have their most beautiful ladies.I'm sorry ,i am just expressing my ideas here.Good Luck!