Whether Eldest Children Are More Selfish Than Their Siblings?

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December 21, 2009 12:04am CST
Hi friends, Researchers from the Montpelier University, found that the arrival of a younger brother or sister has long lasting impact on the eldest child's personality, leaving them wary of others and their motives . The shock of finding themselves no longer the center of their parents world dents their trust, making them warier of people's motives says a report. Earlier studies have found that firstborns show higher IQ than their siblings. This may be because they benefit from having their parent's undivided attention at the start of their lives. But mollycoddling of the first baby also leads to eldest children growing up to be more conservative, uptight and anxious, in contrast, younger siblings tend to be more easy-going, more unconventional and more able to cope with stress. Friends, what is your opinion on this.?
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@squaretile (3778)
• Singapore
22 Dec 09
I wonder if the age gap makes a difference in this study. Wonder what age that they feel more wary of younger siblings. I personally find that middle children tend to exhibit the most insecurity because they neither had the exclusive attention of their parents that the older one has, nor the doting attention that the youngest child has.
• India
22 Dec 09
hi squaretile , being a middle born girl i too agree with you like that middle children will be having most insecurity... i used to question my parents always because if there is any fight between my elder sister and me .. my parents will tell "adjust with your sister .. she's elder than you"... similarly when there is fight between me and my younger sister .. my parents will tell " she is younger than you right then why don't you adjust with her "... still my parents will convince me like this... i think most of the sacrifices and adjustments in my family is done by me only when compared to my elder and younger sisters...
• India
21 Dec 09
Well as an elder child, I do not believe that this is true.In my family my younger brother was always the apple of my parent's eye.I had to sacrifice a lot for his pleasure.I gave a lot of my favourite clothes and toys just because he liked them as well.I do not think I was selfish when I did this. Fortunately ,I love my brother a lot and the extra care he got and the larger portions of all good things he was always given never made me jealous.
• India
21 Dec 09
hi friend , thank you for your response... your sibling is really gifted to have an elder brother like you...
@ruchimom (280)
• Australia
23 Dec 09
Hi I think this is quite a interesting topic. I have adaughter aged 3 and ason aged 16 months,But i think my daughter has grown up considerably well for her age.For eg,she is very considerate about her younger brother,she always shares with him and hardle ever hits him,eventhough he hits her. I think this study can be categorised to the sexes, Whether Girls become mnore slefish or Boys.Because to my exeperience my son is more possessive about me and does not even let me cussle my daughter.which is soo funny. I think it depends on one's family as well.I mean we as parents are very excited about our first baby and when teh second one comes we just take it easy.