I wish I could snowmobile to work!

@maezee (39495)
United States
December 21, 2009 12:45pm CST
I absolutely love snowmobiling, and this discussion isn't for me to rant about snowmobiling being illegal in the city I live in (but not illegal about 3 hours away, and my family's friends' cabin), but to simply celebrate that there's actually snow this year - which means MAYBE I'll get to go snowmobiling this year. I haven't gone in over 2 years now, just because of the lack of snow AND money (and a mixture of the two). But I really, really love snowmobiling down trails. It has to be one of the most serene, beautiful, and exhilerating things I've ever done. I have an '87 Polaris 488, which sounds old (it's older than me! LOL!) and it's a gas hog, and always surprises me with a new problem - but I absolutely love it. Have you ever snowmobiled? Share your stories here!
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@bounce58 (17451)
• Canada
22 Dec 09
I haven't tried this. Something to do about hating the drive up the trails so we could experience winter sports. I did hear some horror stories about damp and stinky seats. Is this true? But what will you do in the summer? ATV to work? Sounds like you need a job in some winter resort!