Do you often use cell phone?

@kevinll (967)
December 22, 2009 2:26am CST
My firend is afraid of damage of cell phone. I do not care about it and put it near my pillow. My friend warn me that they can casue brain cancer. Nowaday many people use cell phone. I admit that it has damage, but we can shorten talking time every time, there is no cousensus among scientists about the damage. So i do not warry about using the cell phone. Do you afraid of that? Do you often use cell phone?
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@tejas1794 (375)
• India
22 Dec 09
I am not much afraid of the so called "cell phone menace" but still for precautionary measures I mostly keep it away when I am sleeping. I don't get very much calls so I can't say if I use the cell phone much, but still I use it for playing games, listening to songs etc.
• India
22 Dec 09
Hi, Not so often. 1st of all i hate using cell phones. Yes, your friend is true . Have a nice day
@Hazelrose (2182)
• Philippines
22 Dec 09
Hi kevinll,Yes i do,i always used cellphone every time to monitor or to contact to my children,relatives and friends.I dont think it negatively the important is it helps me in monitoring specially to my children.Good day!